5 Performance Marketing Conferences in 10 Days

10. Januar 2018


This is a look back of the conference journey I did in December 2017 it was a journey packed with several conferences and masterminds about affiliate marketing and Facebook marketing

This was a very intense time with no time in between these events and it was back to back conferences and masterminds for 10 days.

I am talking specifically talking about the blockchain world conference the affiliate world Asia and the Facebook mastery live and the Facebook elite retreat all of this in Bangkok and Phuket

Some tips for the conference

So just some tips for attending conferences in general. You should fly early to the conference because of jetlag. The biggest issue here is if you fly and just arrive before the event starts you will be very tired at these events and even drinking coffee won’t keep you from falling asleep so my suggestion is to really take your time. I normally  enjoy looking at the city sites and then go to the conference because even business class wont keep you from jetlag hitting you

The other thing I would suggest is to collect your tickets for the conference a day in advance so you don’t have to queue at the entrance on the day of the conference. That way you might miss the panel you want to see.

Use the network events that are provided by the conference to meet the amazing people visiting the conference. That way you can get the most out of a conference besides that panels.

That’s why you should always carry business cards even if they are old school. You still want to use these as they are so simple to give away and people appreciate a simple way of connecting instead of giving out information digital the which is still very difficult.

Also take a healthy snack with you and avoid sugar as this will make you tired after lunch. Always keep in mind if you don’t have time to eat or if the food is not to your liking you can either starve or have a small healthy snack with you to power up again. Especially at a conference where the days are long because of the evening events you might not have time to change or get back to the hotel and have a proper meal as the networking events start directly after the panels. Of course, always drink enough water most good conferences have free water so this is still easy to do but people forget to do this in their daily lives.

Blockchain World Conference

So the Blockchain World Conference was exceptionally well organised and beautifully set at the Grand Hyatt hotel in Bangkok and the stage was beautiful sound was great a very professional setup and the speeches as blockchain technology is still evolving where very different to each other so there were so many different topics in one conference.

This has to do with the blockchain industry of course because it is a big topic and conferences in the future will be more specific and this being one of the first conferences for blockchain it makes sense to keep it broad

the conference gave me a good overview of the development and insights into certain ICO teams and what they’re doing what they’re thinking. This was great to see and to feel a bit more the blockchain community and where it is at right now.

There were some really good talks and some not that interesting ones because they were not relevant to what I’m interested.  Some ICO pitches which were either really interesting or not because of the company behind it of course

The conference overall was really good for me because it was easy to attend as I was in town for another conference and I knew some of the people already from the affiliate industry so connecting to other people was very easy and interesting so definitely a recommendation for me to go to the next one

Mastermind Facebook Performance Marketing

The next day was the first Facebook Mastermind which was just about Facebook performance marketing and very deep into technology and advertising techniques to boost your campaign performance. It is really interesting to meet people on your level that are executing at an amazingly high level and having success. I can really recommend everyone to go to masterminds because meeting people on your level and connecting with them in an intimate way in a small group is the best way to push things forward.

Networking Events

As I already said with these events there is basically no free time. After the mastermind, I went straight to one of the networking events which is one of the most important things of the conference where you can meet the best people of the industry talk about what’s happening what’s going on right now and what’s going to happen in the future. You get introduced to new people which can help you in the future and this is why I think it is so important to always network.

For me to do business with someone typically takes a few meetings and seeing someone over and over again at these conferences helps a lot to get to know someone.

I recommend you to go to as many networking events as you can and talk to as many people as possible with the small talk give them your business card. I’m always trying to talk to as many people as I can because it might be that one person that I need exactly to push my business forward.

Affiliate World Asia 

The Affiliate World Asia conference was the next day the conference was beautifully set up in the Grand Centara World in Bangkok and the expo booth setup was perfect to meet all the people I needed to meet and some amazing panels to see. To be fair I had to walk out of some panels because there were too basic for me but just right for beginners.

Overall this was an amazing conference much better than the Affiliate Summit in New York City or Las Vegas. Networking is strong at both conferences but this is because of the great people attending both conferences.

iStack & Adbaker Facebook Mastery Live 

This conference is a special one because this is just focused on Facebook marketing and how to get more out of your campaigns to make more money with your company’s or more leads or more performance.

All of the speakers were exceptional at this conference and I have to say this was way more focused on power through the content than most conferences. It was more like a training than anything else and I have to say that the content was just amazing.

Hearing speakers like Tim Burd, Patrick Dermak from Adbaker and James Van Elswyk was fantastic it’s just amazing as they are so knowledgeable.

What I can really recommend is if you want to get started in Facebook marketing is to either go to one of these istack Facebook Mastery live events or to buy the course on Facebook that Patrick Dermak made here

STM Island

Stackthatmoney Island what an event this was just crazy

The organizers of stack that money invited the best affiliates in the industry to a private island near Phuket. This was just amazing, watched the video to know what I mean.

The networking effect of this event was also insane it’s really hard after a couple of days of networking and conferencing to still be focused and this was the perfect finish after AWA


Facebook Elite Retreat 

For me the Facebook Elite Retreat topped everything off this is my last event and the top level one. I got to sit down with the best of the best of the Facebook affiliate industry and listen to what they have to say and teach me what they know

The list of people attending this Mastermind was just incredible

All the Facebook marketing speaker from the affiliate world Asia and the iStack training were there to teach and even to learn from each other as some of the speakers were even attendees that’s how high the level was. The guys from adbaker where there Patrick and Simon both blow my mind with their analytic skill of analyzing problems and combining this with Facebook marketing. The Tan brothers dropping mad dropshipping skills. James Van Elswyk went even more in detail than on the iStack Training wow. Jason Kryski showing off his ad creation skill and getting those last 10% ROI. And Mohamed Ali he ended this knowledge blast with insane dropshipping hands on.

The main topics were dropshipping related with Facebook, the insane amounts of money to be made there and overall how to scale up.

Just look at the speakers list at the Elite Retreat and you can understand how amazing this was.

What a trip. I was happy when I got back that there were not another 10 days of back to back conferences