SMX Munich 2018

22. März 2018

This is a review of the SMX 2018 in Munich 

I had the honour of moderating the Analytics track on day 1 and the Content track on Day 2.


I have been to many conferences throughout the world and this is definitely one of those conferences where there is no sales, no sellup, no bling, no fancy shows it’s just about knowledge.  

 You get hands on Tactics how to improve your SEO, your SEA, your Analytics basically any online marketing related topic.

To be honest the speaker selection is very very strict and you’ll get knowledge from some of the best people in the world  who are absolute experts in their field so it is a joy to listen to the speakers and learn. Even if you’re good in a subject or topic you can still learn a lot from these people and if I go to a conference and I learn three things or get 3 new ideas I’m already very happy and this time it was again so much more.

I’m just going to give you a short overview of my personal takeaways from the show and there’s not going to go too deep but just so you can understand how amazing SMX Munich really is

The show started off with Phil Winters and he basically told the audience how to get your data out of Google and from a Data Science perspective because some of the data tools from Google will not save your data for longer than 90 days and makes sense to pull the data out, save it and analyse it in external tools. The external tool he is using is KNIME

Next up was Yehoshua Coren the Analytics Ninja and he explained detailed how segmentation and Analytics works and how important that it is. He kicked off the theme for the next sessions in the analytics track because he said you have to Customise your Analytics.

If you think about it how can a tool like Google Analytics which is installed on several hundreds of millions of websites be correct out of the box and work for all businesses. This was exactly the point all of the next sessions think about what you want to track and what is right for your business And then customise your Analytics accordingly because otherwise you will not get the most out of your data.

Simo Ahava showed some really detailed analytics tricks how to improve your tracking with Google Tag Manager and with JavaScript so you can track even more on your website and definitely emphasised on customising Analytics. This was a very impressive session.

So Jeff Sauer went into a deep dive how to optimise big tasks in google analytics. For instance how you can track all your file downloads with Google Tag Manager and this is easy to do but if you don’t know it’s a lot of work and he showed a great tool called keyword hero which gets you the data which was lost several years ago. The not provided keyword data from Google: Keyword Hero


The next day

was full of great sessions again this was content so more into the direction of SEO.

Marcus Tober and Timon Hartung

Marcus Tober and Timon Hartung

One of my favourite sessions of Day 2 of SMX Munich was the session with Marcus Tober about ranking factors.  His main point was that in all niches they have the separate ranking factors so to compete in in your niche you have to see what makes the other competitors of yours rank.  So you can’t just say that because another website outside of your niche ranks because they have a lot of videos you have to create a lot of videos as well. It definitely makes sense to also do other things that your competitors are not doing but look at what they are doing and if this relates to why they are ranking and then do the same.

He also said that links still work and are an important factor. that’s a very important statement IMHO.

David Brych at SMX 2018

David Brych at SMX 2018

Then there was a very impressive track and from David Brych who showed how to do a really professional and actually loved YouTube channel with a company that does transportation and logistics with big trucks so a real B2B Business.

Very interesting as the company has no B2C relation at all but it is interesting how well the channel is received through authenticity and when they come to shows in the logistics space they are celebrated as stars now thats impressive with a B2B company.

Other great sessions of that day were with the ever running ever smiling and star of morning television in georgia Frank Hohenleitner, the new head of SEO at gute Frage Melanie Ruf, link rating and tool god Christoph Cemper, the ever impressive and super knowledgable Bill Hunt, the very creative Laura Crimmons, Paddy Mogan.

I can only recommend you to go to the next SMX 🙂 its a good show if you want to learn